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Popular Walmart Positions

The retail industry provides ideal settings for individuals interested in careers involving customer service. Retail jobs often serve as the perfect way for first-time workers to gain experience and also help previously employed individuals land sound careers in management and other corporate capacities. Most retailers like Walmart hire cashiers, sales associates and managers on a regular basis, which also represent the most common positions for hire at Walmart store locations. The international retail chain also hires greeters, cart retrievers, maintenance workers, stockers, pharmacy technicians, receivers, and truck drivers, but most employment opportunities exist in cashiering, sales, and management.

Cashier – Walmart cashiers operate checkout queues at store frontends. Job duties include completing sales transactions, applying discounts and scanning coupons, answering questions about products and services, and price-checking items as needed. The minimum age Walmart considers individuals for cashier jobs falls at 16. Applicants need no real experience for employment consideration. Upon hire, workers often work irregular or late schedules as Walmart stores regularly remain open 24/7. Most cashiers work part-time at start and may advance into full-time positions or managerial roles. Pay scales often begin around minimum wage, with experienced Walmart cashiers earning $9.00 to $10.00 per hour.

Sales Associate – Another entry-level position available at Walmart stores, sales associate jobs primarily involve engaging with customers and assisting in sales. Walmart expects sales representatives to continually provide outstanding customer assistance. Professional, friendly attitudes and courteous personalities often win Walmart hiring managers over during the interview process. Depending on the department assigned, general brand knowledge may prove advantageous, as in the case of electronics or clothing departments. Walmart sales associates must also possess the ability to work flexible, irregular schedules upon hire. Limited or no employment experience proves necessary for the job. The average Walmart sales associate starts out at minimum wage and stands to earn as much as $11.00 an hour with experience gained. Minimum age requirements sit at 16 for Walmart sales workers.

Manager – Opportunities available in management at Walmart stores break down into two main positions: assistant manager and store manager. Assistant managers, or Walmart department managers, oversee operations in specific departments at retail locations. In addition to customer service and sales, assistant managers carry the responsibilities of hiring, training, supervising, and scheduling employees. Additional job duties often include administrative tasks, such as tracking and analyzing sales, ordering inventory, and communicating with Walmart corporate offices. Most Walmart department managers fill the position no younger than 18. High school diplomas typically prove necessary for employment consideration, as well. Candidates must possess demonstrated leadership and effective organizational and communication skills, as well. Average annual salary for assistant managers begins at $30,000 and may exceed $80,000 per year with experience and longstanding tenure.

Applicants in search of store manager jobs with Walmart must meet the same minimum age and education requirements as department managers. Walmart may also require college degrees for employment consideration as well as multiple years of experience as a manager or working for Walmart stores. The majority of Walmart managers began as entry-level employees with the company. Specific responsibilities mirror department manager positions but also include overall operations of store locations, including additional clerical responsibilities and marketing strategy brainstorming and implementation. Walmart pays store managers lucrative salary rates generally falling between $40,000 a year for newly appointed workers and $100,000 or more per year for highly qualified and experienced associates.

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