Walmart Interview

Walmart Interview & Hiring Process

If the job application represents an opportunity to get a foot in the door, the interview offers the perfect occasion to close the deal and secure employment with Walmart. Landing an interview remains the primary reward for completing frequently lengthy job application forms, and Walmart maintains a standardized and straightforward system to identify qualified applicants. The Walmart interview process actually begins immediately following completion of the online job application, with an assessment test used to screen prospective employees for in-person interviews. Based on the results of the test, which requires applicants to rate their level of agreement with various common sense statements, Walmart classifies job seekers into two tiers. Applicants in Tier 1 remain eligible for hire, whereas candidates in Tier 2 will likely not receive additional hiring consideration. To increase chances of placement into Tier 1, show decisive decision-making skills by answering ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Strongly Disagree’ to the questions on the assessment.

Before the Walmart Job Interview
With the help of computerized systems, Walmart hiring managers generally review job applications quickly and often call to schedule interviews within a few business days. About a week after applying, follow up once with a phone call to the human resources or personnel manager, as this employee oversees hiring at each Walmart store. The number of applications Walmart typically receives far exceeds the number of available jobs, and many qualified job seekers fail to advance past the initial pre-interview stage. Rather than calling persistently, reiterate interest in the position once a week at most and remember to update your online application form every 90 days to maintain current hiring eligibility. Although Walmart regularly hires year-round, chances for securing job interviews usually increase during the summer and holiday shopping seasons and with open work schedule availability.

Types of Walmart Interviews
Walmart uses multiple rounds of interviews to fill entry-level jobs and management positions alike. The personnel manager, store or assistant manager, and designated department supervisors work together to conduct each interview in a group or panel-style setting. After the initial interview, which generally verifies job application information and focuses on previous work experience, candidates either undergo a second interview the same day or wait for Walmart hiring officials to call and schedule additional interviews, usually within the week. Walmart job seekers, particularly those pursuing entry-level employment, often complete two or three rounds of interviews in a single day. The second interview typically involves various situational questions to determine how prospective associates would react to common workplace scenarios. Walmart hiring managers also look for consistency in responses by asking questions similar to ones from the previous interview. Any additional interviews beyond the second usually entail reviewing the terms and conditions of employment, although managerial candidates may remain subject to further interviewing.

The Walmart interview process continues through successful completion of drug tests and background checks. Prospective workers with Walmart must submit to a drug test shortly after the second interview or risk nullifying the entire process. Background checks generally take a few business days to fulfill, and criminal histories void the hiring eligibility of applicants in most cases. After successfully completing multiple interviews and returning clean background checks and drug tests, job seekers stand poised to accept official offers of employment. Walmart requires new-hire employees to attend orientation programs and work under a 90-day probationary period before making the transition to full-fledged associate status.

Walmart Interview Tips

As the largest of American retailers, Walmart sets many industry standards with regards to operational and workforce efficiency. The iconic company has refined and streamlined its hiring procedures over the years and expects job seekers to treat the interview process with appropriate professionalism. Arrive to the interview early and with a positive attitude. Walmart takes pride in bettering the lives of everyday Americans and wants workers to reflect that customer-oriented mentality. Dress and act like you want the job; business-casual attire, frequent smiles, steady eye contact, and genuine enthusiasm often impress Walmart hiring managers and lead to interview success.

Common Walmart Interview Questions
Come prepared to answer popular Walmart job interview questions, including: “Why do you want to work at Walmart?”; “Describe a situation when you went above and beyond for a customer.”; “If your supervisor asks you to perform a job one way, but you have a better idea of how to do it, what would you do?”; “How would you approach an angry or difficult customer?”; “If another worker were spreading unproven rumors, how would you react?”; and “Why are rules important? Describe a time when it would be acceptable to break the rules.” Use specific examples from previous work experiences to answer these and similar questions when possible.

Completing the online job application represents only the first step in obtaining a position with Walmart; the rest happens at the interview.

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