Walmart Benefits

Walmart Employment Benefits

As one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world, Walmart offers numerous job benefits to more than 2 million employees of various statuses. Walmart corporate offices help support and administer benefits to eligible workers. The extent of available Walmart benefits largely depends on the position and employment status. For example, managers may receive extra perks that entry-level and part-time workers may not be eligible for. To help employees reach peace of mind, Walmart work benefits include health-related and medical benefits, financial perks, and several additional services. Job seekers may find more information on Walmart employee benefits during the hiring process.

Health Benefits with Walmart
One of the major components of Walmart health benefits consists of health savings accounts that help offset the cost of major medical needs, such as 100% coverage network preventative care and access to healthcare advisors. Certain locations may offer HMO plans, as well. Walmart’s company-paid insurance network features plans for vision, dental, prescription drug, critical illness, and general health plans. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance, as well as short-term and long-term disability coverage, help employees feel secure their jobs with Walmart will still be there while they recuperate from any unforeseen accidents or injuries. Walmart health services include just about anything that may help the mind and body. Eligible workers may take advantage of business travel accident insurance, associate eyewear programs, and even an all-expense-paid confidential counseling and health information service called Resources For Living.

Financial Benefits with Walmart
Apart from health and wellness perks, Walmart employees may enroll in many financial benefits programs. At the very basic, all associates receive significant discounts on store merchandise. The company also holds exclusive discount agreements for services, like travel, home internet service, and shopping for a new vehicle. Adding to the savings, team members may sign up for an associate discount card, which may be used by workers and dependents at both Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. For future planning, Walmart allows employees to take part in a 401(k) retirement plan, with competitive matching contributions from the company. Financial benefits from Walmart also include an extensive associate stock purchase plan, also with company match.

Walmart Pay Rates
With more than 2 million members on the workforce, pay scales for Walmart employees fluctuate from one end of the spectrum to the other. As expected, many entry-level workers earn industry-competitive wages, while seasoned professionals enjoy extensive salary options. For example, a first-time sales associate with Walmart may start out earning minimum wage, while a stocker with a few years of experience may earn pay rates of $10.00 to $12.00 an hour. Managers, department heads, and workers in specialty positions with Walmart stand to make annual salaries. After completing the trainee program, managers may earn anywhere from $45,000 to well over $65,000 per year with the right qualifications. Walmart pharmacists, opticians, and other skilled professionals earn pay scales ranging from $70,000 to as high as $150,000 a year.

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