The Walmart Application Process: Informational Overview for Applicants

How to Apply: the goal of this site is to help you apply for employment at Walmart.

Job Opportunities at Walmart

Walmart stands as the single-largest retailer in the world and the third-largest public corporation worldwide. Each year, Walmart pulls in close to $470 billion in revenue while controlling over $200 billion in total assets. The Walmart brand name includes more than 8,900 retail locations in 55 countries, including international off-chute brands, such as Walmex, Asda, and Seiyu. In order to maintain such a high presence, both financially and globally, Walmart amasses a workforce comparable to many major metropolitan areas: 2.2 million employees work for the international retail chain worldwide.

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart also stands as the single-largest employer in the world. Walmart consistently needs to hire new and motivated workers to subsidize the massive workforce operating the giant network of stores. The retail company offers both part-time and full-time employment status and provides competitive pay scales, career development opportunities, and job benefits packages to qualified associates. Walmart employees often enjoy discounts on products and services, flexible scheduling, and weekly pay. On average, each Walmart Supercenter provides job seekers with around 300 employment opportunities. Jobs available range from entry-level employment opportunities as cashiers and greeters to executive positions in the company corporate offices located in Bentonville, AR.

Walmart jobs carry hiring requirements typical of most retailers in the industry. Basic employment qualifications include meeting the minimum hiring age of 16 years old. Depending on the desired job title, previous experience may play a factor in candidacy. Most entry-level positions require little-to-no work history to gain employment. Entry-level Walmart employees regularly work odd or irregular schedules due to typical 24-hour operations at most locations. The ability to work a flexible schedule, while not inherently required, often aids prospective entry-level associates during the Walmart hiring process. Some entry-level jobs, like stocking positions, involve manual labor and regular lifting of heavy objects. Applicants should stand in good health prior to starting employment and may need to pass physical examinations or skills tests to receive hiring consideration from the discount department store chain.

Managerial candidates with Walmart must meet the minimum age of 18, in most cases. In order to work as a manager, employees typically need experience within the company as Walmart historically promotes supervisors from within. According to the company website, roughly 3/4 of managerial workers began as entry-level employees. However, Walmart also outsources for managerial candidates. Applicants, regardless of employment background, should possess years of previous retail experience and proven work performance prior to beginning the application process. High school diplomas may prove necessary for employment as Walmart managers, as well.

Overall, Walmart screens for motivated, outgoing, and engaging individuals to work as entry-level team members and assume full-time managerial roles. For entry-level job vacancies, the abilities to work cohesively as part of a team and take direction prove highly sought-after qualities. Additionally, workers must demonstrate professional attitudes and courteous, friendly personalities. Walmart managers must also exude positive and cheerful dispositions in addition to possessing effective leadership, organizational, disciplinary, and communication skills. Problem-solving skills also play a factor in both entry-level and supervisory employment at Walmart stores. Applicants should demonstrate desirable qualities during Walmart job interviews.

Common Job Duties with Walmart
Customer service represents the most prevalent of all responsibilities undertaken by Walmart employees. Regardless of position, Walmart associates engage and interact with customers on a daily basis. The most common forms of customer service include answering questions about products and services and greeting customers. Walmart imposes a 10-Foot Rule, in which employees must address every customer within 10 feet upon making eye contact. The average worker, including managers, assists customers with questions regarding merchandise and helps locate items in the store. Walmart store associates also collectively arrange and organize product shelves, retrieve merchandise from back storage room areas, and resolve discrepancies over pricing or availability of merchandise.

Other job duties common of Walmart retail crew members include ringing up purchases on computerized POS systems, returning merchandise to shelves, stocking out products, cleaning and organizing work areas and backroom storage, collecting carts, and building product displays. Specific job duties vary by position, but most work responsibilities carry over into other positions as need arises. Walmart entry-level associates assist managers in opening and closing procedures, as well. Managers reportedly gather employees together prior to opening to perform team-building exercises, such as daily affirmations or introduction of sales goals and new products, at many stores throughout the U.S. and rest of the world.

As stated, managers provide basic support to entry-level workers at store locations in addition to managerial responsibilities. Walmart management careers involve a wide range of administrative tasks ranging from processing payroll, scheduling employees, and circulating memorandums to filing reports, analyzing sales data, and communicating with corporate offices. Walmart supervisors also carry out job interviews during the hiring process and train new-hire workers. Managers must serve disciplinary and security roles at Walmart stores, as well. Specific responsibilities for Walmart team leaders and managers may vary by location and rank within the company. Tenure often plays a role in assigned responsibilities of a manager.

Why Work for Walmart?
The accessibility of Walmart jobs makes the international retailer an ideal place to work. Applicants around the globe may easily find jobs at any of the approximately 8,900 Walmart stores residing in rural towns, suburban cities, and densely populated metropolitan areas worldwide. The ability for Walmart associates to excel and advance within the company also acts as an encouraging reason to work for the multinational company. Walmart employees enjoy fun and supportive work environments conducive to personal and professional growth, with paid training programs, flexible hours, possibilities of overtime, and access to weekly pay, employment benefits packages, and paid vacation made readily available to qualified team members.

One of the largest draws Walmart offers for interested applicants includes comprehensive medical insurance plans. Walmart provides HSA, or Health Savings Accounts, and HRA, or Health Reimbursement Accounts, for eligible employees. Qualified workers also enjoy reasonable co-pays for medications purchased through Walmart and sister company Sam’s Club pharmacies. The international retailer guarantees critical illness coverage, short-term and long-term disability coverage, sick time, vision plans, and company-sponsored life insurance plans as part of available employee benefits, as well.

Walmart also understands the importance of saving for the future and offers several ways for eligible associates to plan ahead through retirement options and stock purchasing plans. Benefits packages often include 401(k) retirement plans with up to 6% company match, employee stock purchase plans, associate discount cards for workers and dependents, and discounts on merchandise and services offered by Walmart as well as with hundreds of other brand-name items ranging from cars and phones to TVs and travel accommodations. Walmart employees receive complimentary nametags and uniforms and participate in paid training sessions upon hire. The Walmart community caters to aspiring industry professionals and provides comprehensive training through The Walton Institute and manager-in-training programs. Associates may even receive college credits for participating in select Walmart training programs through the American Public University.

Aside from work benefits packages, Walmart offers competitive base pay. Workers in entry-level jobs typically earn minimum wage to start but later graduate into higher pay scales and access to mid-level and upper-level management opportunities. Pay rates begin around $30,000 in annual salary for assistant managers and range up to more than $80,000 for the same position, depending on location and experience. Walmart store managers often make between $40,000 and $110,000 per year. Pharmacy job seekers may find lucrative salary options in excess of $100,000 a year, with proper certifications and credentials. Raises and bonus incentives regularly occur at Walmart stores, especially for long-tenured team members and employees who exceed expectations without provocation.

Walmart Application Process
A leader in the retail industry in many ways, Walmart provides a completely electronic application process. Applicants may apply for Walmart jobs in-store at job kiosks typically located near store frontends or from home online through personal computers. Walmart provides the application in both English and Spanish. Workers may use the electronic application system to browse for jobs by category.

If a prospective employee encounters a problem or needs to ask a question during the application process, Walmart provides links to Frequently Asked Questions pages, which serve as troubleshooting guides for using the electronic application system. The step-by-step process provides easily navigable fields where applicants enter required information, such as work history, position desired, availability, contact information, and additional comments or information applicable to employment at Walmart. Once an applicant completes each step of the electronic process, the Walmart application prompts users to submit the completed form.

After submitting the electronic Walmart job application, potential candidates then await contact from a hiring manager. Applicants submitting through in-store kiosks may receive an immediate phone call to schedule an interview through blue phones situated beside employment kiosks. Applications submitted from home typically receive a response through email. Walmart hiring managers also contact applicants submitting employment requests via personal computers by telephone. Average response time falls between a few days and two weeks. Once scheduled to interview, prospective Walmart associates begin the formal hiring process and participate in job interviews designed to screen for personality traits and whether applicants provide the right fit for positions desired.